Mike Shaw, senior pool inspector
Our Goal

Our goal is to raise the standard of the professional pool builder by setting a good example of what quality is and by sharing our expertise in the field. Our aim is to educate the public about pools, their structure, filtration systems, the equipment and its operation.

Along with this process we hope to correct those contractors who wish to take advantage of the consumer by not properly informing them of how pools can be built. Not only in the basic standards necessary by code, but by installing the most efficient system available and delivering a very enjoyable swimming pool experience for years to come.

Mike's recognition as an industry leader:

Mike has been hired many times by the State of California as an industry expert to modernize the entry exam for new applicants. SCC specializes in the hydraulics of pool plumbing systems. In laymen's terms: the pumps and plumbing systems! Southwest Certified Construction, Inc. (SCC) is currently obtaining a patent for our pool plumbing technique.

Mike has also been hired as a professional witness for many clients who end up with disputes on their agreements with contractors. He has done construction forensics for home owners and professionals with PhD's in engineering: all needing his years of experience in the swimming pool industry.

What kind of pools has SCC built?

SCC has built many roof top pools on high rises in downtown Los Angeles. We've also built Olympic size pools, residential pools, water features, zero edge pools (where the water is the same level as the deck). We've built infinity edge pools with intense views of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Construction methods we utilize include stainless steel, vinyl liner pools, fiberglass spas, and our main stay of gunite and plaster surfaced pools.

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